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  1. Holding on to Doubt: Remastered The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Sake for editing “I wonder what could be taking her so long?” The morning sun had just passed the top of the Lanayru mountain ranges, bringing rays of light onto the Zora River and the Inogo Bridge where Zelda stood. It was quite the breathtaking sight, the sun glistening off the tall blades of grass, helping keep Hyrule’s princess at ease while she waited. While they waited, she quietly reminded herself. She was never truly alone in her trav
  2. Rediscovering a Need Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Sake for editing Dark. Moonlight. Cool breeze. Safety. Nezuko did not understand anything but the basics. Sunlight is bad. Humans are your family. Only attack demons who wish to harm others. Maybe that was all she needed to know. It had worked for her for as long as she remembered, which wasn’t very long. It was a simple life, one with danger, but also a certain peace to it. And yet, it seemed like there was something… more than that. Something buried deep
  3. The Mondstadt Cliffside Incident Genshin Impact fanfiction by MasterXploder (Note: This story follows the Omovember Day 19 prompt "Desperate and in need of assistance." It is also inspired by artwork, shown within the story.) "Okay, just one camp left to go!" Amber, the sole Outrider Knight of Mondstadt, hiked through the woods with a smile and confident stride. Today had been a long day of patrolling the city's perimeter, locating hilichurl camps, and bringing the pain to the savage creatures before they got too close and endangered innocent liv
  4. Mastering the Secret P-Craft Part 2 Thors' prestige as a military academy could be seen no matter where you were on campus, with its immaculate buildings and well-maintained facilities. This also applied to its locker rooms in the gymnasium, where cleanliness and working amenities were guaranteed any time of the day. It was one less thing for Millium to worry about; she wasn’t about to try tinkling somewhere filthy. Her body had practically buzzed from excitement the whole walk from the classroom. Excitement and pee, lots of that too. Her classmates probably wouldn’t s
  5. Mastering the Secret P-Craft Part 1 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Sake for editing (Warning: Contains underaged wetting desperation and other lewd content. Reader discretion advised) “Mmmm… aaahh!” Millium Orion raised her arms to the sky, extending her back and lifting up on her tip-toes in one big yawn and stretch. The sunlight felt super good this morning, despite it being the middle of a sweltering summer, perfect for getting out and seeing what exciting things today would bring. At a gla
  6. A Night of Needing Monster Girl Doctor fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Sake for editing Consciousness. Always the first sensation that Lady Skadi Dragenfelt was aware of whenever she entered the waking world. Others followed quickly, telling her everything she needed to know before her eyes even lilted open. The warmth of bedsheets across her tough dragonskin. The cool air and darkness of the night. The silence of being indoors. This told her she was resting peacefully in her bed chambers located in the heart of Lindworm. Memories returned to
  7. Mipha’s Disgrace: Remastered The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Captain L and Sake for editing Zora’s Domain was the most beautiful place in all of Hyrule. At least, that’s what Princess Mipha believed. She might have been a tad biased in that regard, having been born and raised within its mountains her whole life, but she couldn’t imagine anywhere else possessing the same level of beauty to her. The way the sunlight glistened off the scale-like constructions, with crystal-clear water rushing, cascading, and trickling
  8. Ahlbi and Rayfa: Ace Holders Epilogue: Where They Come to Terms with What Happened “Okay, I think we’re far enough away now,” said Ahlbi as he looked around. The two of them found their way back to the shopping plaza and stood by the fountain, with Shah’do snoozing on Ahlbi’s head. The sounds of running water had much less of an effect on them now that they no longer had to make water of their own. Those sounds and those of people going about their day hadn’t stopped an awkward silence from following the two since they left the alleyway. Ahlbi had more than a f
  9. Ahlbi and Rayfa: Ace Holders Part 2: The Part Where They Pee Ooooh man, I gotta go! The sun was almost directly above the kingdom now, but the temperature outside was roughly the same as it had been earlier. Khura’in was built in the mountains, so cold breezes blowing through the streets were a normal occurrence. The monks who would climb to the base of the mountains to pray were well-trained in tolerating the cold, even when wearing something as little as a simple robe. Ahlbi looked up to them, hoping he would be able to do the same one day.
  10. Ahlbi and Rayfa: Ace Holders (Remastered) Part 1 of 2: In Which the Touring Starts Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Sake for editing (Note: This story contains underaged wetting desperation and minor spoilers to AA: Spirit of Justice.) On the westernmost edge of the far east lay the Kingdom of Khura’in. Since its founding by the Holy Mother, this kingdom has thrived through the rule of its many queens and the devotion of its people. However, it has not been without its share of turmoil. For twenty-th
  11. Putting the P in PC Gaming (Remastered) HuniePop fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Sake for editing (Note: Contains some hard-swearing. Also, the narrator has no specific gender, so feel free to imagine them however you wish.) “What? No, not there!” Her voice startled me. “N-no?” I replied, trying to hide my growing panic. “Then what if I…” “Have you ever even done this before? This should be instinct by now!” I felt my ego deflating with each word. I had done this before, multiple times actually. But eve
  12. It's good stuff if you're into hard games with an emphasis on exploring, crafting, and replaying enemies and bosses for their materials. Way more fun if you have friends to play with, since it supports up to 3-player co-op. Be warned, it has a tendency to bug out on occasion, especially with enemy AI. I've had bosses kick my ass a few times, and then suddenly quit moving and let me kill them with minimal effort. Also, depending on the game world you load up, you may end up getting screwed over with material drops compared to your buddies, i.e. they'll get high-end stuff way earlier than you. T
  13. A Change of Heart and Pants 2: Confidant Rank-P Persona 5 fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Sake for editing Sunlight. Warm weather. Chirping birds. People walking and talking all around. The various roars and beeps of traffic nearby. Not that long ago, these would have been the bane of her existence, something she would have done anything to escape from. Today, however, they were things she could tolerate, at least while she was close to home, where an escape route could easily be planned. But she needed to do better, not just for her sake, but for a
  14. A Change of Heart and Pants Persona 5 fanfiction by MasterXploder With thanks to Nikeryda and Sake for editing (Note: Contains minor story spoilers, and some mature themes. Reader discretion advised) “This is your fault!” A busy city street. A crowd of shadows gathering around her. “Why don’t you say something?” N-No, I didn’t… A car dented at the front. A body lying in the middle of the road. Red along the pavement. “You killed her!” “She did this because of you!” The shadows surrounded her, fingers pointed and voices
  15. After some thinking, I've decided to revisit Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with the goal of completing it 100%, by which I mean all four endings and all achievements. I realized recently that I have not 100% a game in a long time, perhaps even years, and would like to change that. Hopefully, Sekiro won't take too long; I've already completed three of the endings and only have seven achievements to get, all of which can be done in one playthrough. Just gotta remind myself that I can totally flex on others for having 100%'ed a Soulsborne game.
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